Covid Rules


KEEP Social distancing

MAXIMUM 18 players on the green, 6 players on one rink.

One hour timed sessions with 30 minute break to prevent crowding.

GREEN FEES – £1 per person per session. Pay in ‘greens box’

Off site booking by Website ( ) or telephone 01483 410069.

On site booking on outside Notice Board – Don’t be greedy let all have a go.

During play – use two jacks and only ONE player to set JACK and MAT.

Visitors welcome

Clubhouse – NO changing facilities. Come prepared just change shoes.

SANITISE all equipment used before and after playing

NO scoreboards, pushers, 2m sticks, chalk or ditch marker pegs.

AVOID using toilets, if you do – SANITISE what you use.

17th May 2020 – From your committee.

Revised 8th June 2020