Covid Rules

No covid rules for 2023 but please be sensible.

I’ll leave the rules from 2021 as a reminder of what was required of us.

Government roadmap step 4 from (21/6/2021) delayed until 19/7/2021.

Latest from Bowls England, circulated 15/7/21.

COVID Guidance Update
From 19th July, Clubs are not required to enforce any COVID restrictions by law.
We are recommending, however, that Government guidance on mask wearing indoors is still adhered to by our Clubs, and that all Clubs continue to utilise the NHS COVID app to ensure the spread of the virus is limited.

We are sure that the bowls community will respect people’s personal choices regarding masks, social distancing and their own well-being.   

Following the latest Government update, we are working with various stakeholders, including Warwick District Council and Public Health England, to confirm the plans for the Bowls England National Finals and will issue an update next week. We made a commitment to ensure that we managed the season safely for all participants and we are determined to see that through. We thank you for your continued patience as we navigate this situation.

Government roadmap step 3 from 17/5/2021.

All updates remain in line with current Covid recommendations.

Bowls England guidelines follow.

  1. All restrictions on formats and numbers for organised activity under the jurisdiction of Bowls England will be removed.
  2. Car sharing, spectators and indoor hospitality will be permitted

The numbers permitted on a green has increased to eight persons a rink, meaning we can accommodate 48 players.
(We only require 42 (21 of us) for WSL/Sapphire so the matches are back on as originally planned.)

Changing rooms may open but have to be socially distanced, so still recommending arrive to play.

Car sharing is permitted.

Guest are permitted.

Indoor hospitality is permitted in line with government guidelines. (We may struggle with complying with indoor seating rules with the larger numbers during Step 3, we are looking at this but, in the meantime, we will continue with tea and biscuits. Please check the tea rota for your turn).

Government roadmap step 1 from 29/3/2021.

Government roadmap step 2 from 12/4/2021.


Still MAXIMUM 24 players on the green but no spacing rules.

Changing rooms can be used but limited to club maximum. Social distancing has to be adhered to.

Government roadmap step 1 from 29/3/2021.

Formally organised sport will not be subject to gathering limits but must comply with national body guidance.

Guidance from Bowls England now received as follows. Full document attached.

KEEP Social distancing.

MAXIMUM 24 players on the green.

Singles –Use of every rink and marker permitted if required.

Pairs – Use of every rink.

Triples and fours – Play on alternate rinks.

Clubhouse – NO changing facilities. Come prepared just change shoes.

Toilets may be used.

SANITISE all equipment used before and after playing.

CASUAL PLAY/Informal activity – The ‘rule of six’ applies OR two households.

Revised 31 March 2022